Project Description

Une Femme Libre

Une Femme Libre or A Free Woman – is a concept that I personally believe in. This campaign is so fitting as it is a call for women to ignore the demands of the world, and instead anchor their lives around the principles and rules that they set for themselves.

It is about having the individual choice to decide what’s best; and to me, that is a free woman.

For this campaign, we are collaborating with Nelissa Hilman and Petit moi, two women-led businesses that champions the concept of independent and resilient women.

Mental illness is expected to be the second biggest health problems affecting Malaysians after heart diseases. A third of us aged 16 years and above suffers from some form of mental health issues.

Through this collaboration, we hope to raise funds to provide therapy sessions for women, girls and communities in need, especially in times of the pandemic, encouraging mental resilience and improving their mental health, creating stigma free zone and a place of healing.

At WOMEN:girls, we believe that mental health is important and through our program we hope to assist women to  manage the mental and emotional burden that they may have.. and in turn come out of all of this stronger.