What are the things that I really want to learn in this organisation? Frankly, there are many things that I genuinely want to learn and contribute back to the society as a result from my knowledge exposure in this organisation. Since Iwas a kid, I always visualised myself becoming someone important and helping those people who are in need. I want to empower people (with help of other people around me), specifically women in our society to realize their full potential in life. To always be ambitious and believe in themselves despite the stigma regarding the capabilities of women. I believe that some women who perceived themselves as weak and passive are not due to their weak vision in setting the life goals, but simply due to their circumstances and upbringing.

Therefore, the first thing that I want to learn from this organisation is how i can be more helpful to these to this advantage women is assisting them to realize their full potential. I want to learn how to make these women more comfortable without feeling inferior when I want to help them in pushing away their stereotypical views on them. Apart from that, I also want to discover and understand regarding the long-term effects on the Young Changemakers programme to encourage the young people to make a social impact. I want to know what are future steps in order to secure the kids’ future that have won the Tuanku Bainun Young Changemakers Awards in order to sustain their abilities in changing their own community.

Written by Intan Sabrina

11 March 2020

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