InternViews: Covid-19 Experience

Nobody  wakes up one day and claims that they’re wholly prepared in dealing with a worldwide pandemic, and the surfacing of internalised xenophobia. Unfortunately, that is the current reality that the world is facing right now, and it is leaving many people agitated and alarmed. What started as an epidemic that was first seen in Wuhan, a city in China, is now affecting almost the entire world. A person’s health is not the only thing that is being compromised by this virus, but the virus has also turned into an outlet for people to express their distaste and blame a [...]

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InternViews: Dream of Changing Women’s Lives

What are the things that I really want to learn in this organisation? Frankly, there are many things that I genuinely want to learn and contribute back to the society as a result from my knowledge exposure in this organisation. Since Iwas a kid, I always visualised myself becoming someone important and helping those people who are in need. I want to empower people (with help of other people around me), specifically women in our society to realize their full potential in life. To always be ambitious and believe in themselves despite the stigma regarding the capabilities of women. I [...]

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