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Young Changemakers

The Young Changemakers is a celebration of young people who are making social impact through initiatives and projects that they’ve started within their communites. It’s like creating a community of superheroes, whom we now call young changemakers. The Tuanku Bainun Young Changemakers Awards recognise these young changemakers to enable their stories to be heard and inspire other children to change the world.


Goal Malaysia merupakan satu program di bawah payung program antarabangsa Goal yang menggunakan disiplin, semangat dan latihan kesukanan untuk memupuk kemahiran kepimpinan dan hidup bagi remaja perempuan. Sesi Goal dijalankan sekali seminggu di hab ataupun sekolah yang terpilih.

About WOMEN:Girls

Creating an ideal world where women are empowered to be enablers for aspiring girls to achieve their dreams

WOMEN:girls is a cause-driven, Non-Govermental Organisation (NGO) that was founded to help women realise their potential as role models and to develop children to become agents of change.

WOMEN:girls started in 2011, first as an initiative under Kakiseni, and then is registered in 2013 under the official name Pertubuhan Pembangunan Kendiri Wanita dan Gadis (PPM-001-10-21072013) as an independent organisation. It is also a listed tax-exempted organisation in Malaysia. While committed to growth from the grassroots, WOMEN:girls will not stop until better opportunities are available to those trapped by circumstance whether through policies implemented by those above or movements that start from below.

Our Team

Low Ngai Yuen
Low Ngai YuenPresident & Founder
Lai Cheng Ee
Lai Cheng EeDirector of Operations
Izza Izelan
Izza IzelanExecutive Director
 Lok Shi Shuen
Lok Shi ShuenProgram Coordinator
Abtal Zulhazmi
Abtal ZulhazmiProgram Coordinator
Diana Khairunnisa
Diana KhairunnisaProgram Coordinator
Iman Natasha
Iman NatashaAsst. Program Coordinator
Nicole Ee
Nicole EeGraphic Designer/ Asst. Program Coordinator
Irfan Ibrahim
Irfan IbrahimIT/ Asst. Program Coordinator
Ilanur Athirah
Ilanur AthirahNew Media/ Asst. Program Coordinator
Azmi Hud
Azmi HudProduction Coordinator

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